Monday, March 31, 2014

Cancer Treatment: The Critical Role of ADCs

Mike Madarasz, @MikeMadarasz

Cancer treatment has been revolutionized over the years and much of that progress can be attributed to antibody therapeutics.  However, not all antibodies are effective therapeutics.  They can instead be utilized in antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) to deliver potent cancer-fighting drugs.  Tremendous progress has been made in this field including steps to increase the therapeutic window.  There are, however, improvements that can still be made to increase the therapeutic qualities of these ADCs. 

Here, authors from Genentech published a review article in the mAbs journal and describe the different strategies used that are currently used in the creation of ADCs.  Additionally, they summarize the differences between methods and some of the crucial considerations in building next generation ADC therapeutics. 

Download the full report here

We’ve got more to share about the latest in bioconjugates.  Check out Bioconjugates: From Targets to Therapeutics to hear more from top thought leaders including the team at Genentech.  

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