Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Highlights from Flexible Facilities Podcast Featuring Abdullah Baaj's podcast features Abdullah Baaj, CEO, Boston Oncology. Baaj discussed regulatory experiences, planning and designing space in multiple countries and flexible facility design and capacity requirements. 

So, Abdullah, why did you choose to set up flexible facilities?

Abdullah: Well, this is a question that we get often when people speak to us about the facility type and the design. So, let’s step back and consider that, traditionally speaking, biologic products have been manufactured in larger facilities with stainless steel bioreactors, they usually had a fixed and inflexible processing, I’m talking about downstream processing. All of that led to complex cleaning and sterilization challenges. Most often, these facilities had a single product production intention. But, if you look at more recent trends, the trend is for smaller facilities, flexible facilities and cost-effective facilities. So, this is just the background of the industry.

What challenges have you encountered setting up flexibility facilities in countries outside of the US?

Abdullah: I want to emphasize that at this point, we have not actually built any specific facility. We are in the planning and more the design space because we are building in multiple countries. With that in mind, there are two things to consider – local factors and common factors.

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