Thursday, February 27, 2014

Download the TIDES podcast featuring Gregory Penner's podcast features Gregory Penner, President and CEO of NeoVentures Biotechnology. Penner discussed the ELISA format, applying aptamers to diagnostics and generation sequencing. Check out the hightlights from the podcast below:

What are the key constraints to applying aptamers in an ELISA format?
Gregory: Really, you can’t just plug aptamers in where antibodies have been used. There are some functional differences. One of the key differences is that aptamers really tend to fold down on plastic surfaces. So, we have to immobilize the aptamers differently. We tend to immobilize them onto proteins on surfaces and then they fold down much less. It’s also a matter of what buffers you use.

Why have there not been more aptamer-based diagnostic products commercialized?

Gregory: We get asked this question a lot. I think the fairest answer to that is that there have been general patent positions that only expired two or three years ago now. These are general patents on the concept of using aptamers as ligands. Now those have expired so the field has opened to develop diagnostics. There is room for specific patent applications, as well. So, there is space closing in as more specific things get applied. But that has been the key reason. Not a technical reason, but more of a legal one.

Download the full podcast.

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