Thursday, February 20, 2014

Download the TIDES podcast featuring Peter Timmerman
Today's podcast features Peter Timmerman, Chief Scientific Office, Pepscan Therapeutics. Timmerman discussed the development of VEGF, a synthetic peptide-based vaccine. Check out the highlights below:

What is the main topic of your lecture at the TIDES Symposium?  
Peter: Well, the topic of my lecture at the TIDES Symposium will be, “Development of a Synthetic Peptide-Based Vaccine Against the Growth Factor of Vascular and Endothelial Growth Factor”. It’s called, shortly, VEGF.

What does the vaccine do?

Peter: Well, what the vaccine should do is it should generate avastin-like antibodies into the patient’s body. So, in contrast to the treatment with Avastin in which people are injected with a monoclonal antibody that is generated in the lab – so outside the body – the vaccine is not an antibody itself, but it is a peptide mimic of the hormone and upon injection into the patient, it should trigger the immune system of the patient itself to start producing avastin-like antibodies.

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