Thursday, February 6, 2014

Download the TIDES Podcast featuring: Eric von Hofe's podcast features Eric von Hofe, President of Antigen Express. von Hofe discussed antigen express peptides, peptides as immunotherapeutic agents, peptide technology and much more. Check out our highlights below:

How are antigen express peptides different from other peptides tried in the clinic?

Eric: The difference of antigen express technology and earlier peptides is that they are modified to specifically activate the so called CB42 cells. In the past, people simply took unmodified peptides and combined them with general immune stimulating agents called Adjuvants. They frequently have non-specific effects. Ours have a very simple modification that helps them to very potently and specifically activate CB42 cells.

What other applications are there for antigen express peptide technology?

Eric: So the first thing is that there are lots of cancer-related targets that we can go over besides HER2. So, we’ve pre-clinically looked at a lot of compounds, like HPV related cancers. So, these are some cervical, some neck cancers also some melanoma targets. So, it’s essentially using the exact same technology platform we’ve used for our most advanced compounds. That can be applied to a variety of other cancer targets, as well. So, a variety of other ones that we’re looking at.

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