Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cell therapy manufacturing with end-to-end collaboration

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences division's latest focus is looking at cell therapy manufacturing. They've created partners across the entire process including, Phil Vanek, General Manager for Cell Therapy Technologies at GE Life Sciences, recognizes the need for partners to successfully make the manufacturing process successful. In the article at Partnering 360, he points out the importance of understanding the challenges throughout the entire use of personalized medication - from the developers to the clinicians using the therapies as treatment for their patients, "We have had very solid competencies in downstream processing for years,” he noted.”We moved strongly upstream with the addition of new technologies.  But it is less about moving up- or down-stream than being able to provide a complete solution from front end to back end for customers."

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GE Healthcare will be attending BioEurope Spring this March 10-12 in Turin to continue to meet the right people, from those interested in using their cell therapy technology to looking to help other companies with the challenges they're facing so that they can understand the challenges facing those in the cell therapy technology industry.  For more information on on the partnering opportunities and program at BioEurope Spring, visit the webpage.

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