Monday, January 20, 2014

BioProcess International: Flex-Facilities Multiproduct Designs - Safety, Flexibility, and Efficiency

Our excerpt today is by Bernd Stauss, VP, Production & Engineering, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co.

International pharmaceutical and biotech companies are demanding solutions for current and future challenges of their industries — solutions that will stand the test of time while offering significant advances over current manufacturing techniques. Modern and highly proficient production lines for commercial manufacturing of parenteral drugs can represent a crucial criterion in the success of these companies. New and innovative high-speed filling lines for prefilled syringes present an excellent opportunity to meet current production demands. Following is an example of how the latest filling technology fits in.

Creativity is critical for sustaining new solutions, but it can often be constrained. The global market for medications involves demands from a number of sources. For example, guidelines from official regulatory agencies are becoming stricter as drug patents are expiring. Meanwhile, competition is becoming fiercer, as are pressures on price. Original manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals faced with spending immense costs to develop and manufacture such products face competition from biosimilars. 

You can view the full article here. BPI will be joining us February 10-12 for IBC's 2nd Annual Flexible Facilities Conference taking place in Berkley, CA. To learn more, view our agenda.

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