Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flexible Facilities: The New Wave of Flexible Biomanufacturing Solutions

IBC’s 2014 Flexible Facilities is your chance to join thought-leaders from biopharma companies, technology providers, CMO's, engineering firms and regulatory groups who will discuss best practices, potential hurdles and creative solutions for the new wave of flexible biomanufacturing solutions that are beginning to emerge. 

LEARN about Novel Facility Design Concepts 
• 100% disposable and hybrid facilities 
• Retrofitting stainless steel to be more flexible 
• Modular systems and plug & play designs 
• Multi-product facilities, open ballrooms and closed systems 

DISCOVER How BARDA and the DOD are Developing Flexible Facilities 
• Emergent’s flexible manufacturing capabilities and facilities 
• Novartis Vaccines and the Holly Springs manufacturing site 
• Kalon Therapeutics and Texas A&M University’s Collaboration 
• Nanotherapeutics flexible manufacturing for Medical Countermeasures 

HEAR about Practical Experiences in Single-use Implementation 
• Single-use in vaccine upstream processes 
• Case study comparing a single use mAb process to a stainless steel process 
• Functionally-closed systems and multi-product facilities 

PREPARE Yourself for Rapid Deployment and Emerging Market Opportunities 
• Biosimilars, flexible systems and emerging markets 
• Establishing manufacturing capacity in BRIC regions 
• Production strategies for pandemics and biothreats 

To learn more, download our full agenda.

Register with priority code FLEX14BLOG to save 20% off of our standard rate. If you have questions about the event, feel free to contact our group manager, Kate Devery (, or visit our webpage. We look forward to seeing you February 24-25 in Berkeley, California! 

The Flexible Facilities Team 

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