Monday, November 25, 2013

Session Spotlight: Flexible Facilities Democratization of Biosimilars' Opportunity in Emerging Markets

By their very nature, the emerging wave of new flexible facilities encompassing the use of single use technologies and modular/mobile production components, are enabling companies to think about bioproduction in ways they never have before. The cost, complexity and logistics of building a traditional stainless steel facility in an emerging region, like BRIC countries for examples is tremendous. However, with new flexible technologies and facilities – building a much smaller and more nimble facility within an emerging region is now within region. So how do you identify factors and effective strategies for successful entry? 

Session: Flexible Facilities Democratization of Biosimilars' Opportunity in Emerging Markets 

Speaker: Abdullah Baaj, M.D., PharmD, CEO, Boston Oncology  

As far as new products like biosimilars, which rely on a very low cost of manufacturing in order to be competitive, flexible facilities and technologies are lowering manufacturing costs. Want to learn more about biomanufacturing options for production of biosimilars in emerging markets? Join us February 24-25, 2014 in Berkley, CA for IBC's 2nd Annual Flexible Facilities conference.  

To view our full program, download our agenda. Use code FLEX14BLOG to  receive 20% off of the standard rate when you register. We hope to see you this February! 

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