Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What are some of the sessions that highlight this year's Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Event?

The Cell Therapy Bioprocsesing event taking place October 21-22, 2013 in Bethesda, Maryland.  For more information on the event, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join us, as a reader of this blog, you're can save 20% off the standard rate when you register to join us and mention code B13188JP20!

Leading up to the Cell Therapy BioProcessing event, we've interviewed several of the key stakeholders who helped shape this year's event.  We'll start by looking at the recent interview we conduced with Event Chair Lee Buckler, the Founder and Managing Director of the Cell Therapy Group.

Today, Buckler answers the question:
What are some of the sessions you are particularly looking forward to in this year’s program? And who are you looking forward to meeting while there?

Lee: Well, I always look forward to meeting my friends, of course, and I’ve been in this sector for a lot of years. So, it’s always good to see people I know and hang out with them. But, inevitably, you meet new, fresh faces as well and I think there’s any of a number of them this year that I’m looking forward to meeting and hearing from at the different companies. There have been a couple of important additions this year, which is going to result in some interesting sessions and be the infusion of new people who I look forward to meeting. One of those is around the production of iPS cells, which is not an area that I have a tremendous amount of experience or exposure to. So, I’m always keen to hear about what is happening on that front with the potential clinical production of human-induced pluripotent stem cells. Then, also, there is a fair amount of focus this year on the production of immunotherapies. I’m anxious to hear what Novartis is doing, for instance, with a program that they picked up at the University of Pennsylvania. They bought the old Dendreon Facility in New Jersey and are looking to replicate and do some process improvements on that process. I’m keen to hear about that. 
And then the tissue in bioengineering track, as well, is a new addition to this year’s Conference and is always interesting to hear about the intersection between cells and scaffolds and constructs because I think that’s where a lot of innovation is going to take place where we can combine cells either with genetic manipulation or with biologically inerts or non-biological material.

You can download Lee's full podcast here. Next week, Lee will look at what is unique about this conference.

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