Monday, August 5, 2013

Develop Scalable Bioprocesses for Cell Therapies with Cell Therapy Bioprocessing 2013!

The cell therapy industry has certainly come along way over the last two years. For 2013, our focus at Cell Therapy Bioprocessing, we're focusing on developing scalable bioprocesses as the cell therapy industry moves from discovery towards large-scale production.

Overcome Regulatory, Financial, Process Development and Manufacturing Hurdles and learn more about:
  • - Regulatory Panel Discussion on Commercial Implications and Harmonization
  • - Strategies to Develop Serum-Free Media
  • - Techniques to Utilize High-Throughput, Automated Technology Platforms
  • - QbD Approaches for Effective Process Characterization and Validation
  • - Immunotherapeutic Methods to Target Cancer
  • - Solutions to Commercially Viable Immunotherapy Bioprocessing
  • - Bioengineering Approaches to Control Cell Fate Post Transplantation
  • - Strategies for Successful Tech Transfer, Process and Equipment Changes
  • - Process Optimization for Efficient Cell Therapy Manufacturing

How are companies working to overcome the challenges above?  Download the 2013 agenda today!

Want to join us at Cell Therapy Bioprocessing this coming October 21-22, 2013 in Bethesda, Maryland?  As  a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code B13188JP20, you'll save 20% off the standard rate! Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Jennifer Pereira.

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