Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Single-use technology and bioreactors and Pharma

In a recent conversation with BioProcess International Speaker Dr. Rajesh Krishnan, an Associate Director of Cell Line and Upstream Process Development at Gilead Sciences he shared his opinions on why moving in the direction of single use bioreactors is beneficial for companies.  He cites that the economic challenges due to heavy investment in current facilities would be a major factor that plays into the hesitance to move to the single-use factory setting.  Stainless steel production bioreactors are one example of this.

He also believes that leachables and extractables pose a risk in single-use materials.  Concerns of the manufacturers are magnified because they may make it around the quality control process.  He also believes that many single-use facility production companies have trust to build with their custemers due to the fact that their main area of expertise is in mixing bags and storage design.  As time has progressed, they have built an expertise and have advanced, but there still is that initial perception.

This is just a sample of Dr. Krishnan's thoughts on single-use facilities, variability in disposable bioreactors, and more, download his full podcast for BPI Magazine here.

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