Monday, July 8, 2013

How can you achieve better integration for a biopharmaceutical firm?

Last week, BioProcess International conference producer Barry Walsh shared some of the newest emerging trends and technologies in biopharmaceutical production.  This week, Michael Keenan shares how these things can be better integrated into an organization to ensure that processes are better and more fluidly completed within the organization.  How does producer Michael Keenan think BioProcess International can do this?

How is this need for better integration at all process interfaces within the organization.being addressed and facilitated at the event?
As we were doing research for the event this year, we were really hearing from a lot of people a very common theme, which is how do we break down the barriers between process development and manufacturing and even within process development? Breaking down barriers between upstream and downstream, breaking down barriers between clinical and commercial manufacturing? Even breaking down barriers between discovery up to sort of process development, really trying to make the transitions more smooth and efficient.

So, one of the ways that we tried to create a more integrated program agenda this year was by creating the concurrent conference tracks in such a way that whether you are in upstream development or downstream development, formulations, delivery, analytical quality or manufacturing, there were opportunities throughout the program for you to get specific content related to your specific interest, but yet jump to another track or another session to give you an idea of what happens before your job or after your job to help you integrate.

We have shared sessions this year. I know the upstream and downstream track have their sort of track, but we bring them together for an integrated upstream and downstream session so that both of those groups can understand and learn from each other. We have plenary sessions with fantastic keynote speakers this year, from Amgen, Genzyme, 11 biotherapeutics, Bristol Myers Squibb then Novartis on a variety of topics that will bring the entire audience together for a real keynote session and sharing of information and integration of ideas.
For the analytical quality track and the formulation development track and the manufacturing track, we also have brought those together for a shared session on one of the mornings again to facilitate this interaction and inter-discussion so that people from different disciplines can really learn from each other throughout the program.

This is an excerpt from a podcast interviews series in coordination with BPI Magazine.  To hear the complete podcast along with other speaker interviews, download them by visiting this webpage.

Next week, we'll hear from producer Michael Keenan on how he and Barry have worked to tailor the program to reach the needs of the new, emerging trends in the industry.

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