Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What are some of the drivers for flexible vaccine facilities?

The vaccine industry is seeing a rapid change in it's growth and markets it will be serving over the next decade.  Many of the large Asian countries and the developing world are seeing needs for vaccines at unprecedented numbers, and Pharma companies are will be forced to adapt the changing environment.  In this podcast with Tony D’Amore, Ph.D., Vice President, Bioprocess Research & Development, North America, Sanofi Pasteur, Canada, he looks at how Sanofi is coping with this change and looking towards flexible facilities to  to help scale back the cost.  Where fixed costs for large equipment are a usual worry, with flexible facilities producing single use technology, they are able to produce the number of vaccines needed in specific regions at a reasonable cost.

Dr. D'Amore will present the case study Increasing Flexibility in Vaccine Manufacturing Processes and Facilities with Disposable/Single-Use Technologies at IBC's Flexible Facilities event on Tuesday, April 2.  For more information about his case study and the rest of the program, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join Tony, as a reader of this blog when you register to join us an mention code FF12JP, you'll save 20% off the standard rate.

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