Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Peptides: Methods for Quality Control

In the white paper Quality control in peptide manufacturing: specifications for GMP peptides they address the methods to identity and define the purity and content of peptides.  There is no single test to identify a peptide, but several tests including mass spectroscopy, aminio acid analysis can be used in various aspects to identify the molecules.

The paper concludes with this summary:

Quality Control in the pharmaceutical industry is frequently associated with mundane, repetitive testing of very well established compounds and their mixtures. In the context of peptides, however, it becomes a truly challenging task for the analytical chemist, because of the complexity of the products and the processes that are used in their manufacture. In terms of GMP and peptide drug substances, it is an obligatory prerequisite to establishing a robust and reproducible manufacturing process.

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used in their manufacture. In terms of GMP and peptide drug substances


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