Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flexible manufacturing moves beyond single use systems

Functioning flexible facilities have moved beyond just manufacturing for single use systems.  It's every company's goal to become agile with their flexible facilities and keep up to date with structural designs, staffing models and updated technology.  In the article from BPI Magazine entitled Vendor Voices: Flexible Manufacturing by Maribel Rios she looks at the current strategies going into flexible facilities and how they are improving the manufacturing process for Pharma.

Here is an excerpt: 
Using a facility for manufacturing multiple products, even at various phases in development, is one way major Bonham-Carter (vice president of sales and business development at Refine Technology), two major factors are driving this trend. First, increasing market pressure to compete with future biosimilars is forcing companies to reexamine costs. “Many big pharmaceutical companies have biosimilar programs, so when they are looking at a new manufacturing facility for these they need to look at costs. They don’t want the facility to be just about one product as well. There is no point in taking forward an old or inefficient technology that worked well 10 years ago for your best-in-class drug, your unique drug. You want to have today’s advanced and cost-saving technologies instead — and they might well be used for improving an old facility too.” The second push is the presence of multiple drugs for the same indication. “A multibillion-dollar market might have to be shared three, four, or five ways. That means your cost of manufacturing, which might not have been critically important previously, is now important. It could even be a competitive selling point in the market. It’s really a question of, when examining your future production requirements: Can you build a cheaper, smaller, and more flexible facility that can handle different drug products with different production needs? The new technology available today has reduced the barriers and costs to entry significantly, and every company needs to reassess those opportunities and risks themselves.”

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