Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cloud Based EHR's

 When it comes to cloud usage, privacy and security issues will not be overlooked. HIPAA will expect companies to conduct various audits  and also establish a structured set of security controls. Because Cloud can hold all forms of information, from advanced to basic, it's important that the security controls are of the highest standards, especially when it comes to medical information.

With the digital age constantly progressing, it's no surprise that healthcare is slowly turning to all the technological advances our modern day world as to offer. The online community, once feared by the healthcare industry, is slowly becoming a tool, for patients, providers, and marketers to use. Because their rate of efficieny is so high, many companies are looking towards EHR's for the future. Cloud based EHRs will become more popular because of their lower costs, but EHR vendors that host the data in the cloud are subject to HIPAA and will need to protect the patient data, said Joy Pritts, Chief Privacy Officer for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

When it comes to converting to cloud, it's important to know how to assess your privacy and data issues. However, the amount of information can be overwhelming, so where do you start? In terms of adapting, how do you decide which solution provider best suits you?

At the Cloud Computing for Life Congress Sciences event, we'll discuss what matters when assessing security and compliance issues with cloud-based strategies. Angela Lightfoot, Director, Health & Life Sciences Consulting, SAS SOLUTIONS OnDemand, leads our session: Addressing the BIG Concern: Data Security and Compliance. To learn more about the event, download our brochure.

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