Thursday, November 29, 2012

BDP Week Session Spotlight: Challenges in Incorporating CMOs Into the Supply Chain

Raw materials sourced outside US/Europe and 3rd party manufacturing represent areas of vulnerability in global supply chain. Particularly in outsourced manufacturing, the supply chain is akin to a black box. Control over quality of production and security of raw materials are often lost. Companies need to have more effective communications and closer collaboration with their CMOs and raw material suppliers to maintain supply chain transparency, and ensure the final products reach the patients safely, timely and securely.

At Bioprocessing, Development and Production Week this coming February 25-March 1, 2013, a track will be dedicated to Alliance Integration and Supply Chain Management and will feature the panel presentation Challenges in Incorporating CMOs Into the Supply Chain.  For more information on this track and the rest of the agenda, download the brochure.

Featured Presentation: Challenges in Incorporating CMOs Into the Supply Chain

Panel Moderator: Phil Kaminsky, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research,University of California, Berkeley

About the session: Biopharmaceutical firms are increasingly focused on optimizing planning and scheduling in their supply chains, a process that is significantly more complicated if some supply chain steps are outsourced. Building on results of our survey of biopharmaceutical operations managers and our experience working with the members of the UC Berkeley Biopharmaceutical Operations Initiative, we explore how the use of CMOs complicates supply chain planning, scheduling, and optimization, and suggest approaches that have been used to mitigate this additional complexity.

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