Friday, October 26, 2012

Making the most of your data

Big Data and analytics seem to be making a big impression on businesses everywhere. With the tools we have today it only makes sense to utilize them for research and development. The real question is, why has is taken so long? The data that has been complied is nothing new, corporations have been doing it for years, but today, many people are now struggling with what to do with this information. And also, how they can transform data to into growth for their company?

McKinsey director David Court says, "What’s the key success factor for exploiting data analytics? From our work—and we’ve probably talked to 100 people—it always comes down to three things: data, models, transformation." Court also states that when compiling data, it's better to address a few problems at a time, rather than try to tackle them all at once. Both data and analytics can help you identify what is really working for your company, which will save both time and money, especially when it comes to identifying what your audience needs.

Join us this January as Daniel Robertson, PhD, Senior Director, LRL IT Research, ELI LILLY, discusses how to structure your unstructured data. The Data-Driven Drug Development event takes place January 28-29 Philadelphia, PA. Download our agenda and subscribe here for news on private industry events, webinars, and the latest information on data-driven drug development.

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