Friday, June 8, 2012

Merck and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories to Develop New Biosimilars

This week, Merck announced they would be partnering up with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. to create new biosimilars, specifically focusing on oncology drugs. With many patents facing expiry soon, the new guidelines for biosimilars will open a brand new market for injectable medications. This will also help reduce the cost of many drugs, making them more accessible and affordable for more patients.   

Both companies will help to develop the molecules and also test the drugs, and Merck will handle most of the manufacturing. Our expertise indeveloping, manufacturing, and commercializing biopharmaceuticals gives us a clear advantage in the biosimilars field, and the partnership with Dr. Reddy's will bring their first-in-market experience in biosimilars, as well as their expertise in generics and Emerging Markets, to the table," added Stefan Oschmann, Chief Executive Officer of Merck Serono.  Dr Reddy’s currently has four biosimilar molecules, with the market for biosimilars constantly expanding, which major pharmaceutical companies will be next? How do you think these new developments will affect the pharmaceutical industry overall?

This September at the Business of Biosimilars and Generic Drugs Summit in Boston, Bassil Dahiyat, President and CEO, XENCOR will be presenting The New Paradigm in Strategic Partnerships for Follow-on Biopharmaceutical Development, where he will look at the trend of Pharma companies partnering with generic companies to produce biosimilars.  For more information on this session and the rest of the event, download the brochure.  As a reader of this blog, register to join us today and mention code XP1786BLOG and save 25% off the standard rate!

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