Thursday, June 14, 2012

Business of Biosimilars & Generic Drugs International Session Spotlight: Overview of Biosimilar Trends in BRIC Countries

As global demand for advanced therapeutics increases and more markets are newly becoming able to reimburse at least part of the costs, what commercialization, outreach, and research initiatives are you planning in order to make truly global product rollouts possible? This session will compare and contrast case studies of biosimilar sales in many different international markets, including Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam, in order to paint the fullest picture of the techniques you will need for global success.

This September at Business of Biosimilars and Generic Drugs, Alex Kudrin, Medical Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals will be on hand to examine this topic in his presentation "Overview of Biosimilar Trends in BRIC Countries" on Tuesday, September 11.  For more on this presentation and this year's event, download the brochure. If you'd  like to join us in Boston, register and mention code XP1786BLOG to save 25% off the standard rate.

Featured International Session: Overview of Biosimilar Trends in BRIC Countries
Featured Speaker: Alex Kudrin, Medical Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
About the session: In this session, you'll learn to:
  • •Anticipate how the economic growth and demand for new therapies will shape markets for biosimilars in these key new regions
  • • Plan for creative and adaptable techniques to protect your IP in markets with different legal traditions and baselines
  • • Design a multi-pronged approach for successful reimbursement based on government, insurance, and individual priorities and capabilities
  • • Establish local partnerships to capitalize on vital trends and resources

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