Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Business of Biosimilars & Generic Drugs Session Spotlight: The New Paradigm in Strategic Partnerships for Follow-on Biopharmaceutical Development

Earlier this month, Biocon announced that it's partnership with Mylan to develop biosimilars could be worth $33 billion.  According to the Economic Times, their partnership was formed in order to develop five biosimilars drugs related to cancer an pain.  This is a similar trend emerging throughout the industry.  At the Business of Biosimilars and Generic Drugs Summit, we'll be looking at the evolving partnerships that are evolving in order to discover and develop biosimilars. For more information about the event, taking place September 10-12 in Boston, MA, download the brochure here.  If you'd like to join us, as a reader of this blog, register and mention code XP1786BLOG to save an exclusive 25% off the standard rate.

Featured Session: The New Paradigm in Strategic Partnerships for Follow-on Biopharmaceutical Development

Featured Speaker: Bassil Dahiyat, President and CEO, XENCOR

About the session: What does the recent trend of giant partnerships among biologics and generics companies foretell about the future of the industry? Is this soon to become a standard, and if so, what does your follow-on biologic company need to know and prioritize in order to choose the best partner and structure the strongest, most enduring, and most profi table coalition?
  • • Applications for strategic entry into non-U.S. markets
  • • Re-envisioning partnerships as a source of process patents to strengthen your product’s life cycle
  • • Predict how your patent portfolio can be better protected through market consolidation

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