Friday, March 9, 2012

Immunogenicity For Biotherapeutics Sessions Spotlight: Investigating the Host Immune Response through Multi-Parametric Measurements

Leading up to Immunogenicity for Biotherapeutics this April 17-19, 2012 in Washington, DC, we'll be highlighting some of the key sessions at this year's conference.  Today, we're looking at "Investigating the Host Immune Response through Multi-Parametric Measurements".

If a synthetic molecule is not designed just right, it could trigger the patient’s immune system; to make things more complicated, it could trigger either the innate immune response, or the adaptive immune response. Experts working on protein engineering need to know about both pathways and how their molecules will be perceived – but there is not an industry-wide “toolkit” allowing for quick and efficient sharing of insights and discoveries. Without this, there is a lot of redundant work in the biologics industry – which hurts all participants, even though they may normally be competitors, because unsafe drugs result in overall patient loss of confidence in the entire product class or type of therapy.

This session goes over good strategies for predicting what will set off the various types of immune response, and how the industry can best share insights for mutual gain.

Featured Session: Investigating the Host Immune Response through Multi-Parametric Measurements
Featured Speaker: Murli Krishna, PhD, Senior Research Investigator II, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
About the session: Successful development of your biotherapeutic depends on your ability to measure all of the perturbations that it may trigger in both the innate and adaptive arms of host immune response. This talk will explore the wide variety of experimental approaches for collecting qualitative and quantitative data that can best reflect such changes.

  • • Discuss the needs and potential designs for an integrated cross-industry approach
  • • Strategize for an open-sourced toolkit that would help the industry gain and share insights more quickly

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