Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuscaloosa biorepository to play into long term study on genes and health

Tuscaloosa, Alabama's biorepository, hosted at the Tuscaloosa Veteran Affairs Medical Center, has been chosen to as a host to one of the largest studies relating genes to long-term health.  The report comes from Tuscaloosa News.

The largest biorepository in the United States will collect two teaspoon blood samples from over one million veterans.  There they will be coded and stored.  To relate genes to long term health. According to Dr. Lori Davis, associate chief of staff research and development at the Tuscaloosa VA., “The research will study how genes contribute to risk for disease, including common health risks like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Also, it will look into how we react to certain kinds of medications and who might respond to a certain treatment or who might have a certain side effect.”

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