Thursday, October 13, 2011

The growing importance of generic branding strategies

In the most recent edition of Beyond Borders, Glen Giovannetti who is renowned globally in the life sciences and an accounting consultant ant Earnest and Young, reveals that he believes that branded strategies for generics are now more important than ever. states that with Pharma companies struggling with successful research and development (largely due to the large organizations where innovation through bureaucracy), it is critical that they capitalize on the generic industry, as the patent cliff is quickly approaching. Giovannetti believes one of the places to make up for the lost revenue is to go into emerging markets and develop a brand strategy to get the drugs to those countries, however, this is contingent on how they can successfully enter the country's market:

In order to get a higher growth level, they know they need an emerging market strategy and so that often falls in the brand of generics, either through acquisitions or partnerships and other arrangements. A lot of them are realizing that they have large portfolios which are effectively branded generics that they already own and can market in a different way for different markets. So it has become an important part of the commercial strategy for many Big Pharma firms.

He also takes an interesting spin on the growth and future of biosimilars. Since it is so complicated to produce a working biosimlar, there will only be a few Pharma companies on the market who will be able to succeed. However, for those who do, it will be very profitable.

What is your take on the growing importance of generics?  Do you believe that only a few will truly succeed in the biosimilars market?  Why or why not?

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