Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit is next week!

The Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit is only one week away!

Are you confident that your current clinical development plan will take your product from approval to successful commercialization?

Are you looking for a roadmap to ensure financial solvency throughout clinical development?

Do you want to maximize your valuable time away from the office at a minimum of expense?

In three days you will learn strategies to:
1. Manage Costs to Control the Spending Burn and Remain Self-Sustaining
2. Choose the Right Design Parameters for Trial Efficiency and Sustainability
3. Minimize Waste, Maximize Efficiencies, and Speed Up Timelines During the Clinical Trial Transition
4. Optimize Cell Product Quality of Ancillary Materials
5. Incorporate the Concepts of Pharmaceutical Quality Systems into Cell Therapy Product Development
6. Leverage Manufacturing Process Technologies to Maximize Capacity and Minimize Cost-of-Goods

For more information on the event, download the brochure.  We hope to see you next week at the Clinical Business Expo!

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