Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is the cell therapy industry poised for a breakthrough?

Dr. Arnold Caplan, Director, Skeletal Research at Case Western Reserve University, recently sat down with the Cell Therapy Commercialization team to look at the current state and future of the cell therapy industry.

He answered questions including:
- What are the current hot topics in cell therapy?
- Where is the cell therapy industry in terms of advanced products?
- Is the cell therapy industry poised for a breakthrough?
- Is big Pharma taking more steps to partner with smaller firms/non-profits/governments working on cell therapy?
To hear Dr. Caplan's responses to these questions, download the Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit podcast here.

Dr Caplan will be presenting Industry Overview – The Current Status of the Cell Therapy Business on Tuesday, September 20 at the Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit.  To find out more about his presentation, and the rest of the program featuring Anthony Atala, Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Brock Reeve, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Ian Harris, Stem Cell Org. of Johnson and Johnson, download the brochure here.

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