Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stem cells have potential for Type I Diabetes

ViaCyte has released news indicating that preliminary studies have shown that mice with Type I Diabetes have been cured when islet cells were injected into the mices' skin to function as pancreatic cells. According to the LA Times, Type I Diabetes is ideal for this type of treatment because it only needs to have one type of cell replaced. By inserting the pancreatic cells into the skin, the cells function as a new pancreas, thereby potentially curing the disease. Funding from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine made this study possible.

At the Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit, Chad Green, Associate Director for Device Engineering & Manufacturing will be presenting the session, “Identify and Establish Optimal Delivery Systems for Your Cell Therapy Product.” In this session, hear about how Viacyte is pioneering delivery systems for cell therapies such as their Type 1 Diabetes study that has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of diabetes.  Download the brochure to find out more about this session and this year's agenda.

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