Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overcome Regulatory and Ethical Concerns to Drive your Biobanking Business in Asia

According to a market research by Towers Watson, India and China were the top priority markets for drug makers because of the huge population. As pharmaceutical companies expand into these untapped regions, there is a need for sample management and biorepositories to deal with the increase in clinical trial data. But for many American companies, the vast opportunities seem out of reach with unknown regulations and cultural barriers. Attend the Biorepositories Asia event and hear directly from experts on how to overcome these challenges, expand your business, and benefit from Asia’s exponential growth.

Regulatory and Cultural Perspectives on Sample Collection for Future Research
One of the top concerns biopharma executives face as they expand into the APAC region is that of ethical concerns regarding data privacy and sample collection. Hear directly from Eli Lilly’s Dr. Shrivastava on these tough issues including
  • Regulatory insights into the ethics of sample collection for future research
  • How to overcome communication barriers with investigators on sensitive subjects such as ethical concerns of sample collection
  • Ethical and moral obligations to return results exploratory analysis to subjects
Biorepositories Asia will be taking place April 11-13, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Download the brochure to find out more about the speakers and presentation at this year’s event.

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