Monday, January 25, 2010

DDP 2010: Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Peter Kramer, PhD
Executive Director, Technology Transactions
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pharma is currently in an unsustainable growth period. The current future is unclear. It’s worth taking the chance in this industry. This industry makes a difference, as AIDS is now a treatable chronic disease. There was also a decrease in cardiovascular disease and survival rates for cancers lasting longer than five years. Kramer is wondering if Pharma is part of the problem or cure? Pharma is an adventure right now, and the 14th Annual DDP is very suited by the magic that Orlando brings. We are all tied together in partnerships. DDP does this for the industry. Collaborative relations and partnerships in drug delivery all make Pharma happen and to be as successful as it is today. With everyone’s participation not only will DDP 14 be a success, but DDP 15 will be even better.

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