Monday, January 25, 2010

Benchmarking the Pharmaceutical Market by Drug Delivery to 2014

Growth from injectables will mitigate the generic-driven decline of the dominant oral drug segment

Delivery technology can readily enhance the therapeutic value of a drug and, in doing so, helps companies add commercial value across all stages of the drug lifecycle. Physiochemical (e.g. controlled release, bioavailability enhancers) and biomolecular (e.g. protein/peptide, lipid vehicle) delivery platforms are the most prevalent in the drug delivery space, while in terms of route of administration, orals and injectables make up more than 80% of the prescription pharmaceutical market, which is also reflected in their prominence in the delivery technology space.

Looking at the leading prescription pharmaceutical companies, Datamonitor expects there to be a shift in market share away from orals and towards injectable drugs out to 2014. Injectables will see an increase in annual sales of $49 billion over 2008– 14, whereas annual sales from oral drugs will decline $10.9 billion. This reflects a number of underlying factors driving each delivery type, such as therapeutic focus, molecule type and lifecycle stage. On the whole, companies overly exposed to oral therapeutics will see weak sales growth over the forecast period, whereas companies positioned in the injectable drug segment will exhibit the fastest growth out to 2014.

Use this new report to:
• Assess how drug delivery has become an ever present feature in the business model of the leading pharmaceutical companies
• Provides an insight into the prominent technology types in the expansive drug delivery segment
• Benchmarks the sales performance of the leading prescription pharmaceutical companies in terms of drug delivery

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