Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 DDP Awards: Technology Innovation Nominee: Topi-Click

Technology: The patented Topi-Click topical dosing applicator (TDA)

“Dose it easy and quick with Topi-Click.”

"We don’t put deodorant on with our hands so why do we ask patients to put topical meds on with their hands." The patented Topi-Click topical dosing applicator (TDA) provides a pill bottle’s ease of use with the dosing precision of syringes to solve this problem. Topi-Click provides an integrated applicator pad with a metered dosing clicker to overcome the non-compliance procedure of having to rub topical meds onto treatment areas with the hands. We know the hand is a great absorber of topicals; therefore, the patient is using the treatment area to rub a large percentage of the medicine into their hands. Using the hands can also increase chances of others accidentally being exposed to someone else’s prescription when holding or shaking hands. Very recently, a male topical testosterone drug was delayed approval by the FDA due to the concern of transference of prescription topicals to others. The Topi-Click directly addresses these concerns with needed innovation.

In addition, the audible clicker and tactile dosing feedback features of the Topi-Click allow patients to dispense a metered dose in a matter of seconds…even in complete darkness. The Topi-Click TDA protects the public and the drugs’ success with features that help promote and attain compliance. With easier compliance comes more treatment success, thus also protecting profitability. Next, by combining patented dosing applicator technology with custom designer bottle shapes, pharmaceuticals are differentiated and pipelines are guarded. Custom Rx TDA deserves to win because they help solve the growing topical dosing challenges with Topi-Click’s laser focused innovation of features: 1.Applicator Pad; 2. Audible & Tactile Feedback of Metered Dosing; 3. Innovative Shape and Design for Recognition. See clips of highlights from Oprah, Dr. Phil and The Doctors that demonstrate its use with hormone prescriptions at

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