Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Europe's Top 5 Biotech Hotspots

Fierce Biotech has compiled their list of the top 5 biotech hotspots in Europe.

They are as follows,

• United Kingdom

• Norway

• Sweden

• Germany

• Czech Republic

From Fierce Biotech:

This year, for the first time, FierceBiotech looked into the development scene solely in Europe to see which countries have hatched the best programs to support drug discovery and innovation. That doesn't mean simply listing the largest clusters. Switzerland has had one of the best track records in Europe for developing a homegrown drug development industry, but it's done it all with private capital and virtually no public support. Eastern European countries which have been late to the biotech party have the furthest to go to catch up. But in places like the Czech Republic and Hungary they're pushing ahead quickly, anxious to leapfrog into the global mainstream. All of these project initiatives bear close observation in the U.S., where public support for biotech has been a prominent feature in a slate of key states.

For more information about the countries chosen by Fierce Biotech, please visit the article.

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