Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CCPM and Others Urge Congress to Fix or Drop Biologics Provisions

According to this post on Reuters many organizations including the CCPM, several hundred many Americans, experts from the medical and researhc community, economists, and thought leaders have joined together appealing to Congress to fix the 12 year market exclusivity for biologics or drop it altogether.

There has been an on-going battle on this topic, and Annette Guarisco, CCPM Chairman mentions:

"Finding the right balance between incentives for innovation and timely access
to care means that Congress needs to fix or drop the current biogenerics provision. We call on Congress to take this opportunity to truly constrain costs to benefit all health care purchasers, and override the lobby of the big pharmaceutical and biotech companies."

Perhaps now that the The Coalition for a Competitive Pharmaceutical Market has joined the fight Congress will begin to listen.

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