Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Web Seminar: Leveraging Health: Improving Health Status and Bending the Financial Trend through Value-Based Designs

Title: Leveraging Health: improving health status and bending the financial trend through value-based designs.
Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

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About the web seminar:
Health cost inflation and the economic downturn are unique challenges, but they are also the unique opportunities. The tension that exists in managing health care costs at this time is exactly the spotlight that was needed to change the dialogue on health care. In fact, even the questions we’ve been asking should be changed.

Instead of asking “How much will this cost?” the road to real, sustainable change lies in the question, “How much health will this dollar buy?” Value-based designs have consistently shown the results in improved health status and reduced financial strain. This seminar showcases the learnings, the levers, and the dividends that accrue when a total health management approach is used to create sustainable results through aligned risks and rewards.

You will learn:
- The definition and process of a value-based design, including the categories for improvement
- The metrics of success and the time to achieve them
- The data required to begin the shift to investing in value
- The case studies of others who have implemented over 100 levers to drive change and improved health and economic outcomes

About the presenters:
Cyndy Nayer, MA
Cyndy Nayer is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Health Value Innovation, a community of employers and payers building evidence, tools and competency in value-based design for improved health and reduced cost trends . She is on of the five equal founders of the Center; Jack Mahoney MD, Global Health Strategy consultant for Pitney Bowes, is another of the founders, and he serves as Chief Medical Officer for the Center.

John J. (Jack) Mahoney, M.D.
John J. (Jack) Mahoney, M.D., is a founder of the Center for Health Value Innovation and serves as its Chief Medical Officer. In 2008, Dr. Mahoney was named as a Fellow of the Center, along with other prominent health benefits executives and thought leaders who are committed to advancing value-based health design.

Jan Berger, M.D., M.J.
Jan Berger works closely with Jack Mahoney, M.D. and Cyndy Nayer as member of the Board of Strategic Advisors for the Center for Health Value Innovation. Her depth and breadth of knowledge in value-based design and provider engagement serve as the foundation for for her role in the Center.

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