Friday, September 25, 2009

Partnerships APAC looks at clinical trials in the Asia region

Due to the rapid growth and increasing interest in the Asia Pacific clinical trial market, we are happy to announce that in a few short months, we will debut Partnerships in Clinical Trials Asia Pacific – our first program specifically tailored for conducting clinical trials in this region.

Partnerships APAC represents a time and cost-effective way to evaluate CROs without visiting each region one by one. From local, regional specialists to well-known global partners – this is your chance to figure out which partners match up with your trials’ needs. Our diverse speaking faculty represent experts from most of the region’s key areas for clinical development, saving your time and travel budget with just ONE meeting for the complete picture of conducting clinical trials in the APAC region.

In addition to key industry speakers from India, China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and more, the event also features US counterparts talking about proven strategies that they’ve implemented in conducting trials overseas. Combine this with the local regulatory insight you will gain and you’re not just buying a pass to a conference – you’re investing in future clinical trials by preventing delays and determining how to best navigate in this region.

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