Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Value Driven Pharma

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Value Driven Pharma

1. The first & only conference focusing specifically on the paradigm shift in payors’ criteria in determining value of drugs.
2. Develop necessary outcomes-based pricing strategies to remain competitive.
3. Must-have innovation strategies that support the ultimate goal of cost-reduction. Learn how to align all of your incentives behind improving the health of individuals.
4. Attending is a cost-effective way to acquire and evaluate strategies toward payor market demands.
5. Strategies to foster the sought after payor/manufacturer relationship. Performance based contracts between both parties as evidenced by Merck & CIGNA is making the relationship model a reality.
6. Maximize market share in an era of value-based design. Pharma can no longer realy on contracting negotiations alone to gain a strategic reimbursement advantage.
7. Extend your company’s reach – attending Value Driven Pharma will give you access to industry influencers and motivators.
8. Obtain imperative information on the value based paradigm shift in a concentrated environment with industry front runners.
9. With the end of the “blockbuster drug,” don’t be left behind by not differentiating your product at R&D based on market need.
10. Encouraging Patient Adherence? Companies who implement strategies to increase adherence and persistence with their products more easily increase their share of profit.

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