Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The state of the art targeted delivery options for your macromolecule

Targeted macromolecular drugs have been touted as the treatment of the future for cancer and cardiovascular disease. To achieve this promise, safe and efficient drug delivery strategies must be realized. While formulation strategies have progressed significantly over the past several years, the industry still faces challenges in advancing delivery of biologics.

Join us in Boston this September 23-25 at the Biologics Drug Delivery & Beyond event, where you will uncover the latest technologies for effectively delivering your macromolecule, including a featured session entitled “The Magic Bullets of the Shots Heard Round the World: Targeted Macromolecule Delivery”, which provides insight on how to:

* Deliver biologics to target
* Use advanced drug delivery formulation for targeting
* Enable macromolecules targeting to treat

In addition, participants hear from David Cipolla of Aradigm on local and systemic lung delivery of peptides, oligos and proteins using solution inhalers. No other event brings the scientific leaders at the forefront of biologic drug delivery under one roof.

Visit our website for complete agenda details, as well as access to presentations from the 2009 Drug Delivery Partnerships event.

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