Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sustainable Syntheses

Ann M. Thayer of Chemical and Engineering News reports that pharmaceutical and fine chemicals manufacturers will see benefits if they begin developing greener processes. According to her article, "Process chemistry and green chemistry have common goals: generating less waste and emissions, minimizing material and energy use, and operating more safely under more benign conditions. Greater attention to reagent, solvent, and reaction choices by these chemists is making process development even greener."

By sharing their knowledge of green practices with pharmaceutical industry, pharma may learn new processes that could save more than just a few dollars.

Sustainable Syntheses

The Green Pharma Summit is about how Pharma is going green. Pharmaceutical companies are discovering that going green is not just for altruistic reasons, but that going green actually has benefits to the bottom line. Going green saves and makes money. If you'd like to network with other professionals who are working in the Green Pharma field, join our Green Pharma LinkedIn Group!

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