Friday, June 12, 2009

Innovative Clinical Trial Design and Management

The pharma industry is continually exploring new ways of improving drug developments and one area of focus is adaptive clinical trial designs. These innovative designs use accumulating data to guide potential modifications to the study as it progresses, without undermining the validity and integrity of the trial. The advantages of such designs include the reduced length and cost of clinical trials, lower patient numbers and the ability to stop a trial early where a drug has not shown efficacy.

'Innovative Clinical Trial Design and Management' published by Business Insights explores the major types of adaptive design and their role in dose-finding. The report investigates seamless Phase 2/3 trials and adaptive trials in pharmacogenomics, assesses the logistical implications of adaptive trial implementations and reviews the current regulatory standpoints of the FDA and EMEA. Detailed case studies of recent adaptive clinical trials are provided and the companies offering statistical expertise in this area are profiled. This report also includes a breakdown of potential cost and time savings offered by innovative designs throughout the clinical development process.

The globalization of clinical trials has arrived. As you know, the increasing use of comparator studies means that you’re playing by a new set of rules. At this critical junction, you can either evolve in 2009 to stay ahead of the curve or choose to play catch-up and try to deal with the challenges as they arise. The Global Congress on Comparator Studies conference gives you the unique opportunity to get ahead of the industry and establish your strategy for sourcing comparators and overcoming regulatory challenges in just two days.

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