Monday, June 8, 2009

AARP calling for legislation on Biosimilars

In a recent article at the American Medical News, the AARP is reminding Congress of the rising prices of drugs and the toll it is taking on seniors that rely on the Medicaid Part D as their insurance. The high prices are causing people to alter their dosages due to the high costs of the drugs, especially after these individuals fall into the "doughnut hole". They believe that bringing biologics to the market will allow those taking medicine to save money. The poorer subscribers to Medicare Part D, about four million beneficiaries, don't have to worry about this. AARP is calling for the lawmakers to expand the gap and allow more subscribers to fall into this category. Read the full article here.

The AARP will also be joining us at this year's Business of Biosimilars event, presenting "Main Street Perspective: What Patients and Consumers Want from Biosimilars and Biogenerics." If you're interested in networking with other professionals in the field of Biosimilars, join our LinkedIn Group here.

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