Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wyeth seeks FDA approval to market Prevnar 13

Wyeth created the world's first blockbuster, billion dollar vaccine when it launched Prevnar-7 in 2002, a testament to vaccine profitability in the current market. Prevnar 7 has been credited in massive worldwide reduction of pneumoccal disease, including meningitis and blood infections. Currently, they are filing for Prevnar 13 approval. Prevnar 13 guards against the same seven common strains of strep bacteria that the currently used vaccine protects against. And it adds six new strains that also are appearing regularly around the world. One of those strains is 19A, a growing threat that can often be resistant to antibiotics. Prevnar 13 also expands its patient base to protect adults, as Prevnar 7 is limited to use in children.

Wyeth will be giving a case study about their development strategy at the Vaccines Development Forum, May 6-8, in Boston. Wyeth, along with 20 other leading vaccine developing companies, will be giving case studies on their successful development strategies at the event. Don’t miss out- register today at to unlock the most efficient ways to bring your vaccines to market. Interested in networking? Join the Linked in group today


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