Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finding a new way to reach physicians

In a recent article at DMNews, they look at how the cutback in Pharma sales reps has resulted in many companies marketing to physicians turning to the digital realm. Typically, companies spend 5-10% of their budget digitally, but since the number of sales reps has decreased, this is expected to increase. Companies are also making an effor to focus on how physicians are consuming this new form of media and figuring out how they can constantly feed information to these physicians. It is estimated that 60% of all physicians are a part of some type of social network for physicians.

Jamie Peck, managing partner at Princ­eton-based Rosetta, had this to say about the changing marketing landscape:
“There hasn't been a seismic shift yet in pharmaceutical companies' marketing tactics to physicians, but it's approaching seismic,” he continued. “Every major pharmaceutical company is actively working on innovative ways to reach physicians on the Internet and other channels as sales reps have increas­ingly less access to doctors' offices.”

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