Friday, January 23, 2009

An Optimistic Close to DDP 13 General Session - "the current economic environment is not even close to the depression"

In a dynamic and exciting presentation Todd Buchholz, former White House Director of Economic Policy and Author of New Ideas From Dead CEOs ended the general session at DDP with an optimistic and pragmatic view of the future of the global economy. He claimed 90% of Americans will keep their jobs in this economy. He emphasized that inflation is not what it was during the depression. He also hinted that things would begin to bounce back by September 2010 "the back to school buying season".

In response to a question regarding his optimistic view of when the economy will begin to recover Todd took us back to 2004 when the bubble really began to burst and compared the housing bubble, NASDAQ, and commodities. He said we're going back to a more normal time where we saw 2.2% growth versus 4.5% and that this retrenchment will put us back at a more reasonable and modest approach.

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