Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Live from Central Labs: Day 3

Central Labs Partnering event closed today which a motivational keynote from Lou Ferrigno. Pharmaceutical executives listened as Mr. Ferrigno explain how becoming fearless and taking strategic risk in this economy will lead to true success and breed innovation. In the afternoon, Wendy R. Sanhai, PhD, Senior Scientific Advisor, Office of the Commissioner, FDA; Samir Khleif, Head, Cancer Vaccine Section Investigator, NIH; William Wheeler, MD, FAAC, Global Medical Director, Centralized Cardiac Services, MDS PHARMA SERVICE; and Patrice Hugo, Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, MDS PHARMA SERVICES provided innovated strategies for working together to develop biomarkers for safety monitoring and surrogate endpoints.

IIR would like to thank all of those who attended and invite you to comment here on the event. We are looking for ideas on where to hold next year’s meeting and welcome your feedback here.

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